Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

Georgia weather is so wishy washy.  One day it's tshirt weather and then you wake up to weather that is sweatshirt, parka, fire, gloves and hot cocoa weather!  This morning was that morning.  Woke up with frozen toes and noses, everyone dragging blankets into the living room for devotions while the fire did it's job taking the CHILL off the house. is feeling like winter today....finally!

Holland did a cut and paste craft today.  It was not a day for outdoor adventures because it was just to cold.  I printed out disney coloring pages, did some fun dancing games, filled the day with just being together.  You know....being....really being together.  Taking every minute we can and be IN the moments.  I realize as I look at pictures like this....

Little Miss Holly at 3 playing dress us as a robot!

....that time is flying by and my lovies are growing.  Holly will be 7 this year.  I'm taking the time to slow down and be in the moments with them.  To make memories with them.  To not worry about errands, lists to accomplish, schedules, and things that have kept a lot of my attention in the past years.  This year....we will snuggle more, laugh more, drink cocoa more often while reading new books, playing more games, go on more nature walks, have more date nights, give of ourselves more then we ever have.  

The weather was nasty tonight so we cancelled basketball practice.  The kids were disappointed until I said due to bad weather we would be breaking out the Xbox Star Wars game for a little bit.  We have a Xbox 360 and a Wii, but we don't play on them a great deal.  The kids rarely ask because it's out of side (we keep them in a tote) out of mind.  If the kids do ask...which is really super rare...I usually always say yes as long as we are done with school.  So...when I suggest it the kids always jump right on it because it seems like such a treat.  Funny that they haven't caught on to the fact that they would be allowed to play more if they asked....but I'm not going to let them in on that secret!  

Tim braved the weather to take Justice to his teen and college age support group.  He looks forward to the bi weekly classes and Tim being the wonderful man I love said he would take him.  Justice is such a sweet guy that I know if we had said no way to going because of the nasty weather he would have been fine...but he does so look forward to this group and it's so important for him to be in a group with peers that accept him and help him grow into the adult he can be.  Sadly Tim's truck died in the parking lot so I had to run and rescue them.  So I did end up going out, but Justice had a great meeting and was beaming with happiness so it was TOTALLY worth it.  

2013 has only been here for 17 days, but we are so rocking it!

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