Sunday, March 8, 2015

Winter Masquerade ~ 2015

This is the second year my teens have attended a local dance for homeschoolers and their friends.  Held at a beautifully restored historic hotel, it was a wonderful night of dancing, meeting new people, and memory making!

 Becca purchased her dress from a local thrift store for $1!  She loves shopping for finds like this dress.  Her closet is stocked with many beautiful gowns that she has snatched up for no more then a $1 each.  She told me this weekend she was thinking of starting a business with used prom dresses.  I think she might be on to something here!  :)

 After dropping them off at the dance Morgan and I went and grabbed dinner at the ever so elegant Dairy Queen.  We didn't know our way around the town the dance was being held in, so stopping at DQ was quick and easy.  We ran into a friend whose daughters were at the dance also.  Two hours flew by catching up on life.  I always go back for the last hour so I can get pictures of the kids having fun.  I walked in to find them dancing to Chainsaw by Family Force 5.  A favorite of theirs!

These are a bunch of really great kids having a total blast!  The DJ did a great job choosing the music.  Trust my kids tell me...this is a very big deal.

Max looked rather sharp for the dance!  I loved the purple he chooseIt is one of my top 5 favorite colors!  I didn't realize it until I was editing my pictures that this year was the year of the bow-ties.  Every boy at the dance had one on.  Including my two guys!

Johnston barely stopped dancing, but when he did it was to show some love to his sister and friends!  :o)

 Morgan was able to to spend some time with her friend Bethany during the dance breaks!  Love these two girls.

Max, Becca and Johnston had a wonderful time with this gang of friends.
They are crazy fun!

 Everyone would count themselves beyond blessed if they had a friendship as amazing as Becca and Miriam's.  They have become more then friends....they are sisters in heart.  

The dance was amazing.  They all had a wonderful time.  Countdown to 2016 is on!

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