Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Jeffries Gang Is Back Together!

All has been restored to balanced perfection!  

Daddy has returned from a week out of town for work.  (He came home Monday morning to tell me he was being sent out of town...NOW!)  It was a very long week without him.  He made it to Norcross this morning in time for an engineering class he is taking this weekend for his new job and rolled down the driveway to find a swarm of very happy kids at 5pm. 


He was assured of how very much he was missed this week.  Spoiled, blessed, and pampered by his kiddos.

Morgan and Johnston whipped up homemade pizza and it was fabulous.  Just Dance Kids on youtube to get our dance on.  (We have Just Dance on the Wii...but I've found we enjoy it more on youtube.) The kids had to fill him in on all the new youtube finds they made and sibling plans that were made throughout the week. 

I woke up this morning having slept through all three of my alarms.  It was 11am!!!!  Johnston had woken up at 8 and taken all the little kids outside to play, create, explore, and have a grand time playing in the woods.  They are very happy when Fall rolls around and they can once again escape into our woods without the fear of our lovely snake neighbors preying upon them.  I've noticed this past week as I've started our annual Fall clothing switch out, that my children get way to excited about outdoor hiking boots and camo.  ;)

(My Aurora girl! ~ 5 months old)

Bonfire season is upon us as well!!!  We are working on our new fire pit area.  Me thinks it will be a great addition to our back yard.  I envision many, many S'mores and hot dog roasts in our near future.  :)  Also, chili and paint ball are coming up very soon.  

Tim finished his night by serenading Morgan.  :)  She was laughing so hard and plugging her ears at the same time.  He sang just for her and it 

....and scary at the same time!  LOL!  ;)  Sigh...I love him! ♥


  1. I found your blog. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on mine. Have a great Sunday.